Message to the operators of the City of Palo Alto’s Cubberley Community Center

By Alex Eulenberg

Avid Social Dancer

sent April 8, 2023

Permission is hereby given by the author to reproduce and alter this letter in any form, with or without attribution.

Dear operators of Cubberley Community Center:

I recently became aware that an event is being held at the Cubberley Pavilion where people are being turned away on the basis of an irrelevant medical condition. This must stop immediately.

Please see the calendar found on the web site for the Cubberley Ballroom:

The event for yesterday, Friday, April 7, says “Vaccinated Only” and “Proof of Vaccination Required”

So yesterday, Friday, April 7, around 10 pm I went to the Cubberley Pavilion where this event was being held, just to confirm.

I took the following picture as evidence, that yes, people with the medical condition of not being vaccinated are being turned away at the door:

[ image of sign on Cubberley Pavilion door saying “Friday Night Dance / VACCINATED DANCERS ONLY / Please check in with staff before entering” ]

I then entered the Pavilion to see if this rule was actually being enforced. Indeed, in order to enter the dance floor I was told I needed to sign a statement asserting that I was “fully vaccinated” which I would not and could not do. I informed one of the hosts of the event, Judy, of my inability to sign this statement, and in response she said that if I’m not fully vaccinated I “shouldn’t be here.” I then presented her with a printout of the Unruh Civil Rights Act fact sheet:

I pointed out to Judy that it was a violation of California law to turn away people from a public accommodation such as the Cubberley Ballroom’s Friday night dance on the basis of medical condition, and she agreed. She also agreed that vaccination status is covered by the Unruh Act as a “medical condition.”

She then claimed that she was following “city policy” in turning away people on the basis of their vaccination status.

This is outrageous.

Put a stop to this ugly practice immediately! If there is to be any public dance event at the Cubberley Pavilion, it must be accessible to all, regardless of medical condition, just as it must be accessible to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sexuality, gender identity, political affiliation, marital status, veteran status, source of income, or in fact any personal characteristic that has nothing to do with one’s ability to participate safely in the event.

You must let the organizers of this event know that turning away people on the basis of their not having received an elective medical treatment is not City policy, and that in fact, is a violation of it, since it is City policy to comply with all civil rights legislation applying to any activity occurring on City property.

Your neighbor,

Alex Eulenberg
Mountain View
Avid Social Dancer now apparently banned from Palo Alto