Message to Peninsula Youth Theatre

By Alex Eulenberg

PYT Dad and volunteer 2007-2015

Mountain View Homeowner since 1998

sent March 26, 2023 to the PYT Board of Directors

Permission is hereby given by the author to reproduce and alter this letter in any form, without attribution.

Does PYT really hate the unvaccinated and unboosted?


Mountain View’s Peninsula Youth Theater requires all children participating in their camps and all children participating in their stage productions to be “up to date” on their COVID-19 vaccinations. The CDC defines “up to date” for ages 5 and up as having received the primary two-dose series of a COVID-19 vaccine, as well as an “updated” booster.


There is no reason to exclude unvaccinated children from Peninsula Youth Theatre programs.

Such a policy is not recommended by the FDA or the CDC, or California Department of Public Health.

Why you doing it? Whose advice are you following?

If you do not have a good answer, stop this hateful policy now. Allow all children to participate in all of your programs and productions regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.