Email correspondence with an administrator of the Residential College of the University of Michigan

By Alex Eulenberg

Residential College class of 1991

Resident from Fall 1988 to Spring 1990

ALEX (March 22, 2023): Is COVID-19 vaccination required for attendance at Residential College? If so, what does someone need to do to waive the requirement?

ADMINISTRATOR (March 23, 2023): COVID vaccination is only required for students who will be living in campus housing. For information on the waiver process, please see the policies and guidelines page, found here.*

* U-M policies and guidance page:

U-M requires all students living in Michigan Housing on the Ann Arbor campus to be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 and to submit their vaccination information. For fall 2023, students in Michigan Housing will also need to submit proof of receiving the bivalent omicron COVID-19 booster and five routine childhood vaccinations.

ALEX (March 23, 2023): Only for students living in campus housing? Has the RC then dropped the “residential” requirement of the Residential College? When I attended, it was required to live in the East Quad I think at least for the first two years. It’s part of what made the RC what it is.

Perhaps the vaccination requirement can be waived for Residential College students automatically?

I took a look at the page regarding waivers. So if you want to live on campus and have no qualifying health issues then you can’t avoid taking a COVID-19 vaccine as a matter of conscience, only religion? Seems like a civil rights violation to force someone to make a religious confession or otherwise be forced to take a drug that’s not approved by the FDA (bivalent booster).

And what’s this about childhood vaccinations required in the fall? Excluding the “natural health” as well as many religious communities just seems wrong.

Please talk to the administration about this. It must be stopped. This policy violates the values of freedom of lifestyle choice and inclusivity that the Residential College has always stood for.

Anyway, thanks for clarifying that my son would be treated as “assumed diseased and infectious” were he to apply to attend the University of Michigan.

Please let me know when this civil rights-violating vaccination policy is rescinded.

ADMINISTRATOR: (over a week and no response)