Year 2020 wasn’t what we expected.

And they’re not done yet! Can you see what’s going on? Here, let me help...

Q & A’s

Here’s how to see what’s going on:
  1. Q. What is this “novel” coronavirus?
    A. A complete lie from top to bottom. Read my lips (I’m not wearing a mask). There is no new virus. All evidence of this virus comes from the T.V. (my shorthand for the dominant “news” and “entertainment” outlets in all their forms) — do not trust the T.V.
  2. Q. Why have they taken all of our rights away: to travel, free speech, association, medical consent, conscience?
    A. They haven’t taken your rights away. You still have them. They are God-given and inalienable; don’t forget that. Perhaps they have violated them. Please, exercise your rights. You have them. They can’t take them away from you.
  3. Q. What’s this about the Federal Government now requiring all employees to be vaccinated?
    A. Hold on there, the U.S. Federal Government is doing nothing of the sort. However, a statement has been issued from the White House saying that they will be requiring their contractors to vaccinate all their employees. Read More...
  4. Q. Who’s ultimately responsilble for all this?
    A. I really don’t know. It’s hard to tell the leaders from those in high positions who are being forced or bribed to do the unconscionable.
  5. Q. Do you have a song about this?
    A. Glad you asked! I wrote some extra lyrics to Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes” for the occasion!
  6. Q. My employer is telling me I need to be vaccinated! What do I do?
    A. No sweat! See my Vaccination Requirement Survival Kit — it applies to any institution that offers a “religious accommodation” option. Don’t worry if you’re not “religious” — read it anyway and you may be surprised you can still get one!
  7. Q. They’re turning me away from event (theater, conference, summer program) because I’m not vaccinated. Is that legal?
    A. No, at least in the United States of America, it’s illegal discrimination and you have the right to sue.